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If you want a small colour update or a totally refreshed look, we can talk you through the colour change steps you need to undertake in order to achieve a style and hair colour that’s just right for you.


To ensure that you are completely happy with the look that you and your stylist decide upon; so that we can be positive that when you leave the salon that you are looking beautiful and feeling confident.


We take into account everything from lifestyle, suitability, fashion and current trends. Also taking into consideration your cut, colour and condition of your hair.


Our philosophy is that your hair is just as important to us when you leave the salon as it is when you are at home.



Our cuts are brought to life by our range of fabulous colours and vice versa.


As an essential preparation for creating the perfect colour each and every time, we review how your previous colour has worked, discuss your preferences, and look at how the colour has worn since any previous salon visits.

Whatever your hair colour or type, a full colour and technical assessment forms a key part of our thorough consultation. Working with you so that your colour and haircut complement each other.


To ensure you don’t just leave the salon looking and feeling fantastic but also confident you can manage and maintain your hair at home too.



We believe that your hair, is just like skin, needing personalised care to help you  keep your hair not only healthy, but radiant and supple too. Why not treat yourself and give your hair the care it truly deserves for healthy, shiny, glossy hair this season.

The latest smoothing treatments are brilliant at making hair more softer, straighter and more manageable illuminating frizz. Making your hair react better to everyday life such as weather and pollution and making it easier to mantain.


Our treatment menu offers a range of treatments for your hair whilst we recognize the time constraints, needs  and demands of the busy, modern woman.

So whether it’s brilliant shine, replenishing moisture or longer lasting color that you are looking for, our range of luxury treatments delivers personalized care for your hair.


In today’s fashion conscious times, with men’s styling increasingly trend driven, guided by celebrities  in sport, music, and fashion, our salon is a place where men can feel at home. We specialise in all aspects of barbering whether its clipper work or scissor work you prefer we can advise what is best for you and for your hair.


Whether you’re looking to stay on trend, or just for a great classic cut, we will help you find a look that’s flattering, suitable and low-maintenance, and that works with your own personal style rather than following the crowd.

We offer a variety of services for our male clientele from colour treatments to male grooming.  In your in-depth consultation with your stylist who will recommended a style that suits your face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. This is then followed by a luxury shampoo,conditioner and head massage.

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